Monday, March 31, 2014


If I could choose my lifespan it would be to live at least to 100 years. I also do agree with the author when he said"adding years to life doesn't necessarily make it fuller." I agree with this because there is a point in life where you will need help from your family members when you get too old. Also when you get too old you can't do many of the things your were able to when you were younger. I do not think that scientists should try to help people live radically longer lives because the population of the world is already exceeding and it would just mess with the flow of nature.

Friday, March 14, 2014


  • Where do you encounter advertising?
  • Which specific advertisements "stick in your head?"
  • What makes these advertisements memorable?  
  • Do you think advertisements have an effect on your personal interests? Why or why not?
I encounter advertisements on tv, internet, newspapers, and on magazines. An advertisement that is stuck in my head is a ad of a website called Ccs. Ccs is a website that sells a whole bunch of clothing brands. I think this ad is memorable because I have shopped on here before and it is a really good website. I also think ads have a effect on personal interests since everytime I search a certain thing for a while, the related topic comes up as an ad.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


 Here is a link to my podcast:

   There are many beliefs that I follow in life. I look at beliefs as if they were directions guiding you
to somewhere or some place. There is one main belief that struck me and made it out of the
ordinary from the others. I say this because I use this belief almost everyday,and it is really
useful. The belief I am talking about is to approach or do things with a positive mindset in order
for success.
   This belief of mine really has changed how I approach things in situations. I started to
acknowledge this belief around middle school. Even though around that time, life got more
serious since I started to get more mature, I acquired a new hobby. The new hobby was
skateboarding, and that's where I learned to use this belief. One day, I was trying to Ollie this big
drop but it was really intimidating because I've never tried a drop that tall before(6-7 feet).(An
Ollie is one of the first tricks you learn in skateboarding, you pop the tail, and drag your front foot
up causing a jump like effect.) My first attempt wasn't the prettiest; I kicked the board away from
underneath me. After that, my legs were shaky, and I was a little hesitant about trying to do it
again, since I thought I would hurt my foot. I just told myself at that point that "I got this",and I
ended up landing on the board and rolling away but falling off. To be honest, it was satisfying
even landing on it, and each attempt after that I got closer and closer until I finally landed it. In a
situation like that I couldn't have had a negative mindset because I would have doubted myself,
and I wouldn't have tried as hard. On the other hand, I wouldn't have landed that trick, but what
  I'm trying to say is if you're positive, the impossible can become possible.