Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekly blog post

  • Write a sentence or two that summarizes a specific thing you did in your writing this week. Next, think about that specific thing- why did you choose that technique or process or idea? How did it work? What will you do next
This week we have been working on the I believe writing.  I really like working on this piece because it easy to write about and it makes a connection to reality. I think that writing about something that is connected to reality is easier for me because the ideas are already in my head. Otherwise I don't really think my writing has changed much.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Voice is a really important piece in writing. Voice adds character and tone to your writings and it makes stories interesting. Your voice in writing is different for everyone, it gives everyone their own style of writing. I believe that my voice is still developing. I think this because I have struggles with coming up with my own ideas and how to assort them in the right fashion to make it sound good. I still have two years to improve upon my voice so I accept the fact that I'm still developing in it.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Encyclopedia of Reo

I love music. Especially rap and hip-hop. I don't listen to anything else other than that, it is inspirational and each song has its own message.  I prefer East coast hip-hop than West.  I listen to music to block out reality and to get my stress out.

Skateboarding is my life. I've been skating for 3 and a half years and it never gets old. The sounds of the pop when you do a trick is a amusing. The feeling is awesome  when you land a trick and roll away clean on a trick. Skateboarding will always be a part of my life.

Work, it always takes out time from my free time. Sometimes I hate having to go to work.  It can be boring but fun at the same time.  Someday I wish I didn't have a job but at least I'm making money.