Friday, May 2, 2014


Ambition is an act of trying to get success, to actually want to try, energy, enthusiasm..etc. I think it's crossing the line when you don't care about anyone else. You just care about your self trying to get to the top before anyone. A common form of ambition today trying to have a good life.

Monday, March 31, 2014


If I could choose my lifespan it would be to live at least to 100 years. I also do agree with the author when he said"adding years to life doesn't necessarily make it fuller." I agree with this because there is a point in life where you will need help from your family members when you get too old. Also when you get too old you can't do many of the things your were able to when you were younger. I do not think that scientists should try to help people live radically longer lives because the population of the world is already exceeding and it would just mess with the flow of nature.

Friday, March 14, 2014


  • Where do you encounter advertising?
  • Which specific advertisements "stick in your head?"
  • What makes these advertisements memorable?  
  • Do you think advertisements have an effect on your personal interests? Why or why not?
I encounter advertisements on tv, internet, newspapers, and on magazines. An advertisement that is stuck in my head is a ad of a website called Ccs. Ccs is a website that sells a whole bunch of clothing brands. I think this ad is memorable because I have shopped on here before and it is a really good website. I also think ads have a effect on personal interests since everytime I search a certain thing for a while, the related topic comes up as an ad.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


 Here is a link to my podcast:

   There are many beliefs that I follow in life. I look at beliefs as if they were directions guiding you
to somewhere or some place. There is one main belief that struck me and made it out of the
ordinary from the others. I say this because I use this belief almost everyday,and it is really
useful. The belief I am talking about is to approach or do things with a positive mindset in order
for success.
   This belief of mine really has changed how I approach things in situations. I started to
acknowledge this belief around middle school. Even though around that time, life got more
serious since I started to get more mature, I acquired a new hobby. The new hobby was
skateboarding, and that's where I learned to use this belief. One day, I was trying to Ollie this big
drop but it was really intimidating because I've never tried a drop that tall before(6-7 feet).(An
Ollie is one of the first tricks you learn in skateboarding, you pop the tail, and drag your front foot
up causing a jump like effect.) My first attempt wasn't the prettiest; I kicked the board away from
underneath me. After that, my legs were shaky, and I was a little hesitant about trying to do it
again, since I thought I would hurt my foot. I just told myself at that point that "I got this",and I
ended up landing on the board and rolling away but falling off. To be honest, it was satisfying
even landing on it, and each attempt after that I got closer and closer until I finally landed it. In a
situation like that I couldn't have had a negative mindset because I would have doubted myself,
and I wouldn't have tried as hard. On the other hand, I wouldn't have landed that trick, but what
  I'm trying to say is if you're positive, the impossible can become possible.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekly blog post

  • Write a sentence or two that summarizes a specific thing you did in your writing this week. Next, think about that specific thing- why did you choose that technique or process or idea? How did it work? What will you do next
This week we have been working on the I believe writing.  I really like working on this piece because it easy to write about and it makes a connection to reality. I think that writing about something that is connected to reality is easier for me because the ideas are already in my head. Otherwise I don't really think my writing has changed much.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Voice is a really important piece in writing. Voice adds character and tone to your writings and it makes stories interesting. Your voice in writing is different for everyone, it gives everyone their own style of writing. I believe that my voice is still developing. I think this because I have struggles with coming up with my own ideas and how to assort them in the right fashion to make it sound good. I still have two years to improve upon my voice so I accept the fact that I'm still developing in it.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Encyclopedia of Reo

I love music. Especially rap and hip-hop. I don't listen to anything else other than that, it is inspirational and each song has its own message.  I prefer East coast hip-hop than West.  I listen to music to block out reality and to get my stress out.

Skateboarding is my life. I've been skating for 3 and a half years and it never gets old. The sounds of the pop when you do a trick is a amusing. The feeling is awesome  when you land a trick and roll away clean on a trick. Skateboarding will always be a part of my life.

Work, it always takes out time from my free time. Sometimes I hate having to go to work.  It can be boring but fun at the same time.  Someday I wish I didn't have a job but at least I'm making money.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Twitter bio

Japanese, 207, Freeport, Live your life, Skateboarder, Snowboarder, Music and skating is my life, Xbox, sleeping, hat person, diamond supply co, and chilling with my friends.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blog reflection

This years In English  it has been hectic and great for me. As a writer I struggled with many things like grammar, punctuation, and ideas. In the beggining of the year everyone set a goal for themselves in English. My goal was to get better at explaining my thoughts in my writing and I was going to do that improving my vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation. I think I got that goal checked off my list but there is still room for improving. The last goal I set for myself was to read more books so I can understand stories better but I still need to work on that. I believe this because when we were reading books like the Cuckoos Nest or Curious Incident in class, I would read a page and be really confused. My writing this year has definitely improved from before. This year on our blogs we chose three pieces of writing that we had to post. I chose the critical lens essay, writers craft on what McMurphy and Nurse Ratched symbolized, and my summer journal. My favorite out of the three is the writers craft. The process I used to structure this writing was by gathering all the information and ideas and constructing into a way that made is sound the best. The strengths of the writing was what the characters symbolized, for example "I believe Nurse Ratched symbolizes the oppressive  dehumanization and corruption of the world today." A weakness was definitely the intro paragraph, I could've wrote it so it was more interesting and pulled the reader in. The second piece of writing was the critical lens essay on the Curious Incident. I picked this one because it was visually descriptive which is also it's strength. The process I used is very similar to the writers craft because it was about the books so I had to get evidence from the book. Finally, the last piece was the summer journal. This was what I meant by "hectic" because in the beggining of the year I never read a book or passed in these assignment on time, which dropped my grade significantly. The summer journal was one my choices for the blog because it was special from all the other ones. It was about my favorite book called the Long Way Gone. The strength about this writing was how I summarized the book but not giving to much information. The weakness is the language of the writing, as I was still improving at the time. There was really no process, I just wrote about what I liked and disliked about the book. Overall this year has been awesome for me and I have learned a lot and I hope to learn more.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Summer Journal

The book, Long Way Gone is a very unique and thrilling book. This book is probably one of my top choice of books and recommend it to a lot of people. I really liked this book because it was a non-fictional writing about Ishmael's experience during the civil war in Sierra Leone. The book was really expressive about his feelings in the civil war in Sierra Leone.The book brought me in right from the beginning. The book was was also very easy to understand because the language wasn't complicating. When Ishmael was talking about when he was fighting in battle it was really vivid and I could picture it in my head as I was reading along. The book wasn't boring either, it wasn't just set on one idea there were many ideas. My favorite part of the book was when Ishmael gets caught by the communists and forced to be a boy soldier. I thought that part was interesting and I learned about the things they did to make the boys to be fearless and heartless. There weren't many things that I disliked about this book. The one thing I disliked in the book was the part when he is put into a rehabilitation center in the city of Freetown. That part of the book I thought wasn't as interesting as other parts of the book. It also took up a good chunk of the book. Although the book had its ups and downs the book is still one of my favorites.

Critical Lens

In the quote "You see, but do not observe"Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was referring to how people are seeing things but not focusing the details around them. People are not getting the full picture of what they are seeing. For example if a person saw a hat they would notice the color, shape and the logo. Somebody with autism would notice each stitching, the number of creases, etc. Autistic people see the little things. Christopher tries to observe and find answers for questions he has, like the killer of Wellington. He also uses this as a way to help find things like his book his father took when he was trying to investigate the person that killed Wellington. He notices details that is out of the ordinary.

  In the book Curious Incident, Christopher talks about the details he sees and not just a glance of the image. In the beginning of the book Wellington the dog is killed by someone. Everyone thought that the death of Wellington wasn't that big of deal but to Christopher it was. It made Christopher curious about the incident. He goes to investigate who the killer was. "This is a murder mystery novel" (pg 4). This tells us that Christopher is interested on finding out the killer and looking into more than he needs too. Christopher notices the fork the was used to kill Wellington was I'm the back shed of Mrs shears house. He was trying to do more than see, he wanted to observe and find out the killer.

 Christopher goes on to search and observe. When Christopher's dad took and hid his murder mystery novel Christopher detailed search for it. Christopher knew the exact measurement of the book that he was looking for. " My book was approximately 25cm x 35cm x 1cm so it couldn't be hidden in a very small place" (pg 91).  Most people wouldn't know the exact measurement of a book. While on the search for the book, Christopher describes every little procedure he used to find the book. He talks about each room and place he looked in. Christopher is also a critical thinker because he thought that his father hid the book in Christopher's room to be clever and that he did something called "double bluff"(pg 92). The autism in Christopher makes him notice each little detail first and then they see the real picture.

Christopher doesn't know that the letters were from his mom at first, but when he does he takes action. He uses what he observed in the letter as clue to find out who it was. When Christopher finds the book, he also notices letters that were written to him. In the beginning, Christopher is confused about who wrote the letter. As he observes the letter, he realizes that he only knew a few people that put little circles on top of their i's. A person normally would just see the letter i and keep reading but to Christopher, it stood out to him and that's one of the first things he recognizes. He also was familiar with the handwriting  but he was still hesitant about who it was from. Christopher needed more reliable clues. After he comprehended that it was wrote to him from his mother and that she isn't dead, Christopher is unclear of what to do.

Many people in the world just have a little peek at something and only acknowledge the things that stand out. Autistic people are very different. They do more than just look, they observe and see everything. People now a days looks down on autism as a disability. I think autism is more of a perk that gives the person an advantage, seeing and thinking process is more descriptive. Autism makes you more curious, the curiousness makes the person more distinguished.


Reo Miyake

   McMurphy and Nurse Ratched both symbolize major roles in the story. They both symbolize ideas upon the patients of the ward. Both characters, which are very different
from each other reflects on the patients emotions in the ward. Throughout the story the
patients have repressed emotions because of Nurse Ratched. They've became so
used to the repression in the their emotions because they are too afraid to rise above
Nurse Ratched which McMurphy finds a way around.
McMurphy is a big change in the ward when he enters in the beginning of the story
Murphy is a important character in the story because he is loud, confident, and
full of energy, something that the patients in the wards do not show because of their
repressed emotions. His loudness and free laughter surprises many of the patients.
McMurphy is different from all the other patients since he is not in fact crazy. He's not
crazy but he tries to use manipulation to his advantages in the ward. McMurphy thinks
that the hospital would be more suitable to him than the place he was before but later
learns how powerful Nurse Ratched can be. He also finds out that she could put him in
electroshock treatment and have him committed as long as she wants him to be. I think
Ken Kesey was trying to prove a point that even though your insane or not, that the
ward will control the patients fate no matter what. McMurphy helps a lot of the patients
during the book. McMurphy brings life into the ward which many of the patients lacked. I
believe that McMurphy mainly symbolizes freedom and self confidence/ determination
to the patients.
Nurse Ratched is the complete opposite of McMurphy.  Chief describes her in the book like
a  machine. She is very much like a machine because she enters the story as a
feared, cruel, and cold character. She has complete control over every single thing that
occurs in the ward. She also shows that she has control over her emotions and how
to react to any situation. Nurse Ratched has an ability that makes her have a doll like
act which is her fake self. It kind of shows a way that people in society can become
more powerful from lying and being dishonest and people like the patients  become
weaker if they are quiet and docile and eventually controlled and authorized. Nurse
Ratched knows every weak spot to her patients and how to break them in. She also
uses a type of manipulation on the patients by turning it around on them and making
them feel bad about the situation which is called shame and guilt.  This way she can
individually conquer each patient. I believe Nurse Ratched symbolizes the oppressive
dehumanization and corruption of the world today.
 McMurphy and Nurse Ratched both represent very important topics in the modern
society. McMurphy just wanted to bring positivity and peace to the patients and to save
them from Nurse Ratched. When he was turned into a vegetable, he sacrificed his
sanity and freedom to help all the patients.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


  • Name one thing that worked really well for you this week. Why did it seem to work well? How will your writing influence what you work on next week?
One thing that really worked well for me this week was my writers craft. I thought I did well on my writers craft because it was really descriptive and on point. It was different from what I usually write because  it wasn't a creative piece, it was based on the cuckoos nest so I already had a idea in my mind. When I write creative pieces its really hard for me to come up with an idea and structure it. Another thing I think worked well was the language in my writing it was more clear and I knew what I was talking about. I also supported a lot of my statements in the piece by having reasonable evidence. I hope that the writers craft will influence my writing next week because it is more easier for me to write about stuff now.