Tuesday, December 3, 2013


  • What is your plan of action for next week? What one thing will you focus on in your writing next week? Why have you chosen what you did? How does it relate to what you’ve done this week?
My plan of action for next week is to read more. Reading is really not my thing. I don't really like reading but I don't hate it.  When I read the cuckoos nest it's sometimes really hard for me to understand or remember what happened the chapter before. One thing that I will focus on while I'm reading is to picture what is happening while I'm reading along so it helps me understand what's going on. I have chosen to talk about this because I want to improve my grade on the tests and quizzes and I actually want to get into this book because it's really interesting. This all relates to what we have done this week because we have been reading the cuckoos nest for a while now and we are about half way through it if not more.